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Get an Energy Audit - Only $299

Want to know what you can do to make your home more energy efficient? Have headaches or nausea and suspect it's carbon monoxide? Want to qualify for money-saving programs or low interest loan programs?

All are great reasons to get an energy audit and we offer them for the low price of $299. Our energy audits are comprehensive and include safety testings for carbon monoxide and gas leaks so you can be safe in your own home, an energy inspection of your home, blower door testing for air leakage, and a energy upgrade plan. 

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MGE Joins KCP&L's Energy Savings Program to Double Rebates

KCP&L's Energy Savings Program has been so successful, MGE (soon to be Spire) is joining to DOUBLE the amount of rebates available. Now, get up to $1,900 for air sealing, attic insulation, and wall insulation.


Missouri residents with both KCP&L and MGE can enjoy savings not only off their utility bills, but off their energy improvement bills, too. Get up to $600 for air sealing, $1,000 for attic insulation, and $300 for wall insulation.

You must first have a comprehensive energy audit (we offer this service for $299) to participate in this program.


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Click here to see KCP&L's page on the program.