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Green CAT Services is a full service energy efficiency company.  That means training, energy audits, energy improvements, follow up testing, and even alternative energy are all work in which we specialize.

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Energy Audits

Green CAT Services is trained and certified to investigate just what is wrong with your home in the energy sense. Your home operates as a system, with all its individual components (i.e. windows, insulation, and heating and cooling systems) operating an overall level of efficiency or inefficiency depending on many factors. Before spending money replacing windows, getting a new furnace, or adding insulation, you should have your home assessed as a whole. After performing an energy audit, Green CAT Services presents you with a detailed report with recommended upgrades. 

We are certified to perform both residential and commercial audits.

Rebates and incentives are available to reduce the cost of an energy audit and, in some cases, are fully rebateable.

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Efficiency Tune-Ups

If you already know what you can do, we can help you started. We offer an efficiency tune-up of your entire home including:

  • Perform blower door guided air seal to stop air leaks
  • Test water heater and furnace for carbon monoxide
  • Test batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Set ceiling fans for proper winter flow
  • Close all storm windows
  • Adjust doors and windows for proper fit as necessary
  • Check outside faucets
  • Inspect lighting for efficiency
  • Review attic insulation levels
  • Check HVAC ducts for proper sealing and insulation
  • Inspect furnace filter

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Combustion Appliance Zone Testing (CAZ)

Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Testing is an essential part of the audit process. Testing the safety and efficiency of mechanical equipment (furnace, water heater, and in some cases stoves) can save money and even lives. All BPI Certified Building Analysts are required to perform this test as part of the audit process. If your auditor does not perform this test, they are not doing an audit correctly and, more importantly, may be causing unnecessary safety hazards for your family.

  • Depressurization (Worst Case) - This test ensures there is adequate combustion air for the water heater and furnace to operate properly.

  • Carbon Monoxide - This test check the air for carbon monoxide, a by-product of improper combustion.

  • Natural Gas Leak - This test checks for natural gas leaks at all pipes and connections.

  • Spillage Test - This test checks for spillage of combustion gases and moisture at the hot water heater draft diverter. Normal spillage lasts for one minute or less.

  • Draft Test at Common Flue - This test checks for negative pressure at the exhaust flues for the furnace and water heater.

Our Combustion Appliance Zone Testing is including in our energy audits, but if you would like a separate testing because you're concerned with safety, click here for pricing.

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Energy Improvements

Green CAT Services is not only a certified energy auditing company, but we do the energy improvements as well. We are here to ensure the job is done properly. If you're trying to achieve the highest levels of energy performance, you have to approach it as a system. Who better to improve your home in the energy sense than the people who inspected it? With the knowledge gained from the initial assessment, we are able to produce better results to decrease your utility bills. We always encourage clients to receive multiple bids in order to receive the best value. We may not be the cheapest, but we make sure we do the job right. We are building scientists first who know where to improve the building.

Air Sealing - Air leakage, or infiltration, occurs when outside air enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. Properly air sealing such cracks and openings in your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, improve building durability, and create a healthier indoor environment. Most common areas of air leakage are attic bypasses, attic fans, can (recessed) lights, chimneys, rim joists, and frame floors. By preventing air from escaping your home, you are also preventing your money from going with it. Reducing air leakage is a relatively low-cost measure in reducing utility costs. 

Insulation - It wasn't that long ago that insulation was insulation. Today, thanks in large part to keener competition for buyers, rising energy prices, and stiffer building codes, there is a wealth of products designed to create and improve an actual thermal envelope. And the choice for residential homeowners is not just which one to spec, but how to combine them to optimize their respective benefits and achieve higher levels of performance. Over the years, Green CAT Services has had the opportunities to work with several insulation products. Through our experiences and heavy research on the subject, we can determine what type of insulation will work best in your home. Keep in mind, insulation is only as good as the installer. Sometimes the choice of an insulation material is who can install it to achieve the best results.  We use local material.

Windows/Doors - Windows and doors take quite a bit of space in our homes. Having the most energy efficient windows and doors is ideal, but if you have older windows, retrofit may be the way to go. Green CAT Services does replace windows and doors, but we also have the ability to retrofit. Adding solar screens, solar films, and storms may be a better investment that replacement altogether. 

Geothermal, Wind Turbines, Solar - Looking for alternative energy? Green CAT Services works with the best of the best in the business of energy. Whether you want to go completely off-grid or just a few solar panels, contact us first.

Energy improvements are unique to each home, so we offer free estimates for those interested in improving their home. Call us at 816-206-2191 or click here to schedule your free estimate.