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Our goal is to make sure our clients get our top-notch service. We have done well over 2,000 quality home and business energy audits and have had just as many happy clients. Read below on what energy savers are saying.

"Thanks to the BPU program and Green CAT, I now have a plan to get my home in tip top shape for the summer!  Green CAT made sure they went through every part of my house, including my crawl space, to get all the information for their report.  I couldn't believe how much information was in the report for only $50!  I'm definitely going to recommend them to all my neighbors."

Jim S. from Kansas City, KS.  April 2015

"Your people are so nice and informative!  I wish there were more businesses like yours!"

Barbara J. from Prairie Village, KS.  June 2014

"We were impressed with the gadgets our auditor had."

Brian B. from Grandview, MO. February 2014 

"I still have some snow on my roof! Must be the insulation" 
Kirsten T. from Roeland Park, KS

"We are very happy with the work Green Comprehensive Audit Technologies did for our house. From the first phone conversation, Green CAT's people were friendly and approachable. The energy audit and subsequent report was thorough and professional. We had an energy-efficient door installed in our stone basement, and Green CAT was able to work with the unique characteristics of our historical house. The end result was exactly what we needed." 
Erin from Liberty, MO

"I do appreciate the info, very professionally prepared and thorough." 
Hellen P. from Basehor, KS

"Our upstairs is quite a bit warmer now and needing to turn down the heat at night since we are used to being cooler!" 
Christina L. from Kansas City, MO

"Excellent work! Thank you!" 
Dana D. from Lansing, KS

"I'm glad I got an audit before installing new windows.  I learned that my windows weren't the problem, but it was the air leakage in my house.  Thanks, Green CAT!"

Karen F. from Kansas City, MO.  January 2015

"They really broke everything down for me to where I was able to understand it. I feel much more comfortable in my home with the work they did in the attic."
Mike R. from Liberty, MO. September 2013 

"Now that my unit is more energy efficient, I can for the first time in my adult life, afford rent and utilities on my own. the upgrades that were made not only save me money, but also give me assurance that Westside Housing Organization truly cares about their residents and the well-being of our family."
Esther lives in an apartment complex that is managed by the Westside Housing Organization. Green CAT Services weatherized her apartment to make it more affordable and comfortable. January 2013

"I am pleased with the work you did. You guys really worked hard." 
Richard R. from Kansas City, MO 

"I have told people how thorough you folks were."
Michael H. from Kansas City, MO

"You guys are so knowledgeable and professional! You can expect many of my friends and neighbors to be calling you." 
Fred from Parkville, MO

"I got a $1200 home energy audit for free from Green C.A.T. (Comprehensive Audit Technologies). The deal is that Missouri Gas Energy pays $600 and Kansas City Power & Light pays the other half. They come to your house and spend several hours testing your airflow and looking at insulation, etc. They found the reason why my family room is ALWAYS the coldest room in my house and fixed it. They caulked and insulated several windows and doors, put in a 'chimney balloon' and blocked the air-flow around my light fixtures. The amount they charged me at the end was $000,000.00. Yes, exactly Zero. I expect my gas and electric bills to go down by about $65 a month (combined). If you own a home, this is worth your while. The bigger the house, the easier it is to get this kind of energy savings.".
Stan from Kansas City, MO

"I never thought about getting an audit because they seemed expensive.  Then I heard about the BPU program and got one for only $50.  I learned a lot from the report from Green CAT and I'm excited to start improving in the spring!"

Gary S. from Kansas City, KS.  October 2014

"Thanks so much. Also it is very nice and toasty. You did a great job"
Susan B. from Kansas City, MO. March 2013 

"I will definitely recommend you if I hear of anyone doing this same thing. I felt you did a great job and appreciated that you showed me what you were doing. I'm not real savvy on lots of this stuff, but felt better informed after you explained it to me. Thank you for that especially!!!
As to feeling a difference - I didn't hear the storms we had - except for the hail beating against the windows. Otherwise, I just was not aware of it and slept right thru."
Nina C. from Kansas City, MO 

"I was so impressed by your report, I sent it to my father in Colorado. He's looking into programs there now - hopefully, he'll find a company as great as yours."
Rachel M. from Kansas City, MO

"It is clear to me that they are committed to the on-going battle to raise the bar for weatherization and home performance contracting by making high quality training, credentialing, and verification services available to America's heartland." 
Courtney Moriarta, Co-Chair of the Building Performance Institute's (BPI) Standards Technical Committee (STC) and Building Performance Industry Hall of Fame Inductee 

"Extremely thorough and very professional! Green CAT did a great job and was very patient with my questions and concerns. They rescued the project after a questionable company took advantage of us." 
Al U. from Roeland Park, KS

"They helped me sort through all of the rebates and credits. Without them, I wouldn't have gotten a $500 water heater for $287, another $9,700 of free work, and $10,000 towards my geothermal!"
Sam G. from Kansas City, MO